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      Hoteliers Associations

      By joining The Charter you put yourself into a network of progressive hoteliers. Through being a member, you will find your local Hoteliers Association, and in most cases, subject to becoming a member of the Hoteliers’ Charter, will be able to join their gatherings. At meetings the Hoteliers Associations talk about area specific and industry issues, share best practice and support one another in the challenges that we all face in our roles as General Managers.

      Institute of Hospitality

      Institute of Hospitality

      You will be linked to your closest branch of The Institute of Hospitality for greater networking and support in learning and development of your team members, in particular apprenticeships.

      UK Hospitality

      UK Hospitality Association

      UK Hospitality works on our behalf across the whole of the UK and connects with Government to be the voice of our business needs.

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