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We need your support

As a not-for-profit organisation we need investment and support to enable us to engage with hoteliers, education providers and hotel communities across the UK. By becoming a partner or supporter you can be recognised as someone with the same vision as Hoteliers’ Charter and be the catalyst to reaching our goals. Download our partner pack to find out more. 

We need a strong presence at industry events and across leading publications and social media to be able to convey our message and to support hoteliers. 

Our board is passionate about making a change now and we need to accelerate our efforts and escalate the importance of being part of the Charter. We can only do this through collaboration with organisations that not only share our vision but can provide valuable investment to enable us to support the industry.

Photography across the Hoteliers Charter website is with credit to:

Whatley Manor:
Royal Lancaster Hotel:
Pride of Britain Hotels:
Calcot Hotel & Spa:


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