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Hoteliers’ Charter launches


The Hoteliers’ Charter, designed to raise the profile of the hospitality industry and promote hospitality as a profession of choice to parents, schools, colleges, universities and careers influencers, has launched in the UK.

The idea for the Hotelier’s Charter was conceived by Sally Beck, general manager of the Royal Lancaster London, who founded it to help dispel the notion that those working in hotels suffer ‘long hours for little pay’ and instead highlight the benefits of being part of such a vibrant industry.

The Hoteliers’ Charter has already secured the support of hundreds of hoteliers as well as industry bodies UKHospitality,The Master Innholders, St Julian’s Scholars, The Institute of Hospitality and The AA. Its purpose is to raise the profile of the industry in the public arena, and the role of a ‘Charter Hotelier’ is to encourage employment from their locality into the hospitality industry, primarily through hotels.

Signing up to The Hoteliers’ Charter means hoteliers agree to the 10 points outlined in the charter, which include providing a positive and nourishing work environment for all colleagues, with a commitment to training and development, providing work/life balance, sensible working patterns, and fair wages and gratuities to position hospitality jobs as careers, not just jobs. In addition, those signing up for the charter agree to support industry charities, drive environmentally sustainable businesses and advocate diversity, inclusion and equality.

Sally Beck said: “We need to show that the industry stands together, supporting our colleagues through what has been a difficult time for everyone. It is now more important than ever to recognise the value of not only looking after, retaining and developing people already in the industry but also attracting new talent into the fold.

“The Hoteliers’ Charter is intended to spread the good word about our industry, to educate both parents and youngsters about the benefits of attending a catering or hospitality college, or working with a Charter Hotelier, where they can benefit from a good work life balance, training, mentoring and apprenticeships.

“Brexit has meant that UK hotels no longer have the same access to EU employees, so, as the industry readies itself to bounce back after the pandemic, now is a key time to appeal to students and young adults in the UK to consider a career in hotels and hospitality.

“The Hoteliers Charter will therefore serve as a force for good in helping us to improve awareness of all of the great career opportunities that exist in hotels in the whole of the UK. ”

The Hoteliers’ Charter website, outlines the reasons for its creation and why hoteliers should support the new initiative. Once approved, Charter Hoteliers are also given access to the network area where they can connect with regional communities.

To become a Charter Hotelier complete the form available on or to register interest in becoming a Charter Supporter, Partner or Champion, contact us.

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