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Springboard UK becomes Charter Champion

Springboard UK has pledged its support to the Hoteliers Charter and is the latest leading organisation to become a Charter Champion.

Providing specialist careers advice and guidance to young people across the country, Springboard UK aims to promote careers in hospitality as a rewarding and worthwhile career path to futureproof the talent pipeline for hospitality and tourism. On becoming a Charter Champion, Chris Gamm, chief executive of Springboard UK, said: “Springboard is delighted to become a Hotelier’s Charter champion. In order to attract the next generation of talent, it’s hugely important to show what a fantastic industry hospitality is, that we support, care for and develop our people, and it’s fantastic that more than 400 hotels have signed up to the commitments in the charter. The Hotelier’s Charter has also been responsible for creating job opportunities for Springboard’s trainees and over the past few months, seven trainees have secured jobs in Hotelier’s Charter properties, including Rubens at the Palace, Holiday Inn Kensington Forum and St Pancras Hotel Group.” Charter Champions support our aims and objectives by reaching out to their audiences and helping us drive and evolve the work that underpins the 10 Charter commitments. View our full list of Charter Champions.

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